Acceler8 Labs unleashed a pawsitively outstanding campaign for Wufers Dog Cookies on Amazon, fetching over 1.5M in sales ... and many happy pups. Trusty tails wag together!

Our Mission

Wufers is dedicated to crafting delectable Cookie Boxes for dogs using locally sourced ingredients. Acceler8 Labs is dedicated to helping businesses like Wufers grow. It was a perfect match.

At Acceler8 Labs, our mission was clear: to help Wufers sell 20,000 boxes of cookies on Amazon. With trust and transparency as our guiding principles, our insider knowledge of digital advertising played a crucial role in crafting their Amazon campaigns and building up brand affinity across multiple channels and surfaces.

We worked hand in paw with Wufers, exceeding their goal thanks to our focused strategy and 3D measurement providing the ability to adjust course and keep customer’s tails wagging and budgets on-leash . Our commitment ensured a journey where success wasn’t just a treat, but a well-earned achievement.

Our Approach

Our approach began with a deep dive into Wufers’ brand and their audience. To make the Q4 sales goal a reality, we developed a comprehensive strategy:

Amazon Optimization: Leveraging our expertise in Amazon advertising, we optimized product listings, used targeted keywords, and implemented strategic ad placements. This not only boosted visibility but also led to higher conversion rates.

Cross-Channel Consistency: We crafted creative assets that maintained a consistent brand message across Amazon, social media, and other platforms. This ensured that their brand identity remained strong and memorable.

3D Measurement: Our proprietary 3D measurement tools allowed us to monitor the entire customer journey. We analyzed which touchpoints were most effective in driving conversions, providing valuable insights for real-time adjustments.

Business Goals

We Delivered results

Our team of digital advertising experts created thumb-stopping creative concepts and supercharged their delivery with out best in class attribution.


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Amazon Impressions




Selected creative

Our designers create scalable brand engines that soar, not cut-and-paste templates that fall flat.

The Outcome

The results were truly exceptional:

  • Wufers achieved a remarkable 4.2x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in Q4, surpassing their initial target and demonstrating the efficiency of our strategies.
  • We generated a staggering 13 million impressions on Amazon, significantly increasing brand visibility on this crucial platform.
  • The icing on the cookie was the $1.5 million in generated revenue, a testament to the effectiveness of our campaigns and the quality of Wufers’ products.

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