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At Acceler8 Labs, trust is our cornerstone. Our journey began within the heart of Facebook, where our founders honed their expertise helping build the world’s leading social platform.

With roots in Facebook’s innovation hub, we understand the digital landscape like no other. Our experience shapes our strategic approach, elevating your brand above the competition and cutting through trends and industry buzzwords to deliver real world results.

Our heritage drives our commitment to innovation. Just as Facebook’s advancements shaped the digital world, we leverage cutting-edge tools and methodologies to redefine your brand’s growth.

With transparent attribution and reporting, we provide you with real-time insights into the performance of your campaigns, empowering you to make informed decisions you and your team can trust.

No vanity metrics, no mysterious brand lift studies, just actionable information that counts. 

We're an agency focused on growth, whatever that means to you.

From growing your revenue to delivering app downloads, Acceler8 is the right agency to help reach your business goals, whatever they are.

You can trust us to drive stellar ROAS for every campaign. By understanding what works and what doesn’t on each channel, we optimize your campaigns for maximum impact and never waste a dollar of your budget.

Every impression, every keyword and every improvement to your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) adds up when every dollar of your digital marketing budget counts more than ever.

We know that while success may be different for every business, all success can be measured.

If you feel like you’re being kept in the dark by your agency, we can help.

Acceler8 Labs Audit & Platform Experts

We are your guides through the digital wilderness.

Our founders’ unique background as former Facebook executives sets us apart in the world of digital advertising.

With this ‘insider’ experience, we give your business invaluable insights into the inner workings and mysteries of the top platforms like META, Google and TikTok.

No more guessing, hoping and wondering what works, just facts informed by first hand understanding and data.

We understand each platform’s algorithms, audiences, targeting capabilities, and best practices like no one else, allowing us to unlock unparalleled opportunities for your brand to reach new heights.


Niket Shah


As a global ambassador and head for its performance marketing business, Niket represented Facebook at CES, the Affiliate World Summit in Europe and Asia as well as the Affiliate Summit conferences in North America. Niket has continued to speak at Performance Marketing conferences globally in cities like Hong Kong, Toronto, Bangkok and more. He currently serves as an advisor and investor to several technology startups.


Uzair Chutani


Uzair was instrumental in ramping up and training the global customer success team at Facebook as well as opening Facebook’s Malaysia office. He built the Facebook Marketing Acceleration Program and helped dozens of companies realize their potential. He’s an entrepreneur in residence at the number one University incubator in the world, The DMZ at Toronto Metropolitan University, and serves as an advisor to disruptive technology companies around the globe. 


We Fuel growth Engines powered by trusted partners

Working with a Trustworthy Ads Partner like Acceler8 Labs can give you the control you need to stay on budget and on course to meet your goals.

Our experts not only help get you to a better bottom line, but more importantly, they inform the platform algorithms in prioritizing your product and keep your brand top-of-mind with customers.

With our team of experts coming from the platforms themselves, our partnerships go beyond the surface, as our inside access to “what’s next” keeps your brand at the leading edge of performance marketing.

From META collection ads, Instagram Stories, Reels and WhatsApp to Google, Amazon and beyond, it’s a multi-channel strategy, and Acceler8 Labs is most trusted ally in the industry.

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