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From growing your revenue to delivering app downloads, Acceler8 is the right agency to help reach your business goals, whatever they are.

We know that while success may be different for every business, all success can be measured.

Thats why we deliver our clients growth engines based on transparent results, not fluff campaigns using your budget to win us awards.

If you feel like you’re not reaching your business goals, say hello to a results-oriented partnership that matches your urgency, and goodbye to unfocused, over-billed agencies.

It's time to launch your next stage of growth.

Whether your goal is revenue, awareness or retention, Acceler8 has a solution you can trust to re-ignite your business. 

meta ads & services


With our inside knowledge of platforms like META, TikTok and Google, we make sure every dollar of your budget delivers maximum ROAS.

tiktok ads


Combining your brand DNA with our data driven insight creates scalable, thumb-stopping campaigns that delight and engage across every surface. From TikTok and Instagram to Facebook and X, we've got you covered.

meta ads & services


Our integration experts solve the mysteries of attribution with transparent data and crystal clear reporting.Powered by our proprietary IGNITE dashboard, your business can make real-time decisions that count.

email marketing


As Shopify and Klayvio partners, we've got the inside knowledge needed to develop product and landing pages, integrate your E-Commerce platform or CRM, and Acceler8 growth on any platform.


We learn all aspects about you and your business - goals, operations, sales history, growth tactics, customer personas and more, to create a bespoke digital growth engine.


We take a data-driven approach to creative testing, campaign optimization and analysis across platforms to scale real business results, not vanity metrics and inflated estimates.



We combine these learnings and our expertise to build thumb-stopping digital campaigns that predictably, reliably and effectively scale your business and deliver unmatched ROAS

Trust powers everything we do.

With industry leading attribution and reporting, we provide you with real-time insights into the performance of your campaigns, empowering you to make informed decisions you and your team can trust.

Our data-driven approach extends beyond targeting, as we leverage your 1st party data to drive our creative decisions, designing unique, thumb stopping experiences that connect with your audience on a 1:1 level.

You can trust us to drive stellar ROAS for every campaign. By understanding what works and what doesn’t on each channel, we optimize your campaigns for maximum impact and never waste a dollar of your budget.

Brand safety is paramount to our process, as we will never put your hard earned investment in harms way. No poorly planned influencers, no flavours of the month: just trustworthy, transparent results.

Trust our results

From Fortune 500 institutions to scrappy start-ups, we can help your brand fly where traditional agencies crash and burn. 

FuelDTC growth with Acceler8.

Peace Collective is a lifestyle brand that enables Canadians to show pride in who they are and where they come from.

It was born after founder, Yanal wore his first Toronto vs. Everybody t-shirt to a Raptors game back in 2014. Since then, Peace Collective has become a go-to destination, allowing individuals to celebrate and express their authentic selves.​

In order to convert their buzz into sales, Peace Collective turned to Acceler8 Labs as a trusted partner. Building a bespoke growth engine harnessing META & Google Ads delivered massive results.


Increase YoY in Black
Friday Revenue


ROAS using Search ads
to drive purchases


Increase YoY in Site Traffic from Instagram and Facebook

Peace Collective

Want more proof?

Read real stories from our partners and how Acceler8 Labs helped re-ignite their growth.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Yat Labs

Better Rhodes

We are your guides through the digital wilderness

Our founders’ unique background as former Facebook executives sets us apart in the world of digital advertising.

With ‘insider’ experience, we give your business invaluable insights into the inner workings and mysteries for the top platforms like META, Google and TikTok.

No more guessing, hoping and wondering what works.

We understand each platform’s algorithms, audiences, targeting capabilities, and best practices like no one else, allowing us to unlock unparalleled opportunities for your brand to reach new heights.

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Acceler8 Labs Audit & Platform Experts

With a combined 10+ years at Facebook during its formative years, Niket and Uzair were instrumental in helping grow its advertising business to over 500 million dollars.


Uzair Chutani


Uzair was instrumental in ramping up and training the global customer success team at Facebook as well as opening Facebook’s Malaysia office. He built the Facebook Marketing Acceleration Program and helped dozens of companies realize their potential. He’s an entrepreneur in residence at the number one University incubator in the world, The DMZ at Toronto Metropolitan University, and serves as an advisor to disruptive technology companies around the globe. 


Niket Shah


As a global ambassador and head for its performance marketing business, Niket represented Facebook at CES, the Affiliate World Summit in Europe and Asia as well as the Affiliate Summit conferences in North America. Niket has continued to speak at Performance Marketing conferences globally in cities like Hong Kong, Toronto, Bangkok and more. He currently serves as an advisor and investor to several technology startups.

Our partners

From the inside out, our team understands how each channel powers growth in the digital era. Our partnerships give your brand that same fuel.

Don’t leave your business waiting to take off. Ignite your growth today.

Learn from the insiders and ignite your growth

Every week Acceler8 gives you invaluable insights into the inner workings of the top platforms like META, Google and TikTok that will supercharge your E-Commerce brand.

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